Keychron K8 RGB: Wireless Mechanical Keyboard under $100

keychron k8 with rgb: wireless tkl mechanical keyboard for under $100

This review will focus on the Keychron K8 with RGB, an 87 keys wireless mechanical TKL keyboard with a price under $100. The K8 is the perfect companion for any productivity focused workspace due to the inclusion of arrow and function keys.

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Features of the Keychron K8

You can choose the K8 in 3 distinct backlight and material options, White Backlight $69, RGB Backlight $79 and RGB Backlight with an Aluminum frame for $89. The K8 keyboard by Keychron comes in three different variants: Gateron Mechanical, Keychron Optical (hot swappable) and Gateron hot swappable. After choosing the last settings, you can select either Red, Blue or Brown switches.

The K8 uses Bluetooth 5.1 for connectivity, allowing to connect up to 3 devices at the same time. If you prefer use your keyboard for enabling RGB all the time, the K8 comes with a USB Type C charging cable.

This keyboard has the same 4000mAh battery that you can find in the K2 and K6. Battery life (240 hours to typing) is amazing if you turn off RGB and backlight.

The K8 has both Windows and MacOS compatibility with included keys for each OS.

k8 wireless mechanical keyboard with RGB TKL
Picture courtesy of Keychron

Design and layout of the K8

The K8’s ten keyless design is the perfect match for individuals that seek productivity but at the same time want an uncluttered workspace. Arrow keys are essential for anyone using spreadsheets or power users. TKL layout offers great access to essential function and multimedia keys, perfect for gaming or anything else. Keychron even includes a voice assistant function key for both Windows & MacOS (doesn’t work on iPads).

The RGB backlight version includes more than 15 types of RGB animations. This includes flashing, static color, flashing and many more so that you can customize it to your own preference.

Keychron K8 Main Feature: Hot swappable optical keys

The Keychron K8 wireless mechanical keyboard stands out the crowd due to its minimal design, TKL design, wireless connectivity and for its unique switches. The hot swappable keys mean that you can easily change them for any other of your own taste and preference, without the need of soldering.

Final words on the Keychron K8 Keyboard

The K8 is one of the best options in the entire keyboard market for great value. This is due to great wireless connectivity (low sleep to active lag), long battery life, logical keys layout and hot swap availability. Keychron really made the ultimate TKL wireless mechanical out there. For more information, check out Keychron’s website.

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