Keychron K6: RGB wireless mechanical keyboard review

keychron k6 wireless compact mechanical keyboard with RGB backlight

This review will focus on the Keychron K6 with RGB, the best 65% wireless compact mechanical keyboard under $100. The K6 is primarily focused on productivity, but its also suitable for casual gaming.

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The K6 Keyboard comes in three different variants: White Backlight for $69, RGB Backlight for $79 and RGB Backlight with an Aluminum Frame for $89. After choosing your desired configuration you can select between three switch types: Gateron Mechanical, LK Optical and a Hot-Swappable option. Furthermore, you can choose either Red, Blue or Brown switches.

Moreover, the K6 uses Bluetooth 5.1 to connect up to 3 devices and switch between them with ease. And in the case that wireless is not your thing, this keyboard has USB Type-C connectivity.

The K6 uses a 4000mAh rechargeable battery, the same size as the K2. When using the keyboard without the backlight you can expect around 240 hours of typing. If you care about battery life a lot with your keyboard then you should definitely get the K6. Batteries inside keyboards don’t get much bigger than this.

Design of the K6 keyboard by Keychron

The design of the K6 wireless mechanical keyboard is amazing for any small workspace, which requires an efficient use of desk space. The 65% compact design of this keyboard is tiny in comparison to the K2, but still retains the essential multimedia and function keys.

Keep in mind that the compact nature of the K6 is due to the combination of key presses for function and multimedia keys. You will need to use the fn1 and fn2 keys A LOT. This might be particularly annoying to programmers that need to constantly use ~, which requires to hit fn2 + Esc.

Sound of the keycaps when typing is pleasant and great given the price point.

Keychron is one of the few companies that supports both MacOS and Windows in their keyboards. They ship all keyboards with Mac and Windows multimedia / function keys. Keychron also includes a key extractor for changing keycaps.

Another characteristic that almost all Keychron keyboards have is their thickness and height. The K6 is VERY thick, to the point that it may cause wrist pain. I recommend getting a wrist rest immediately if you are considering buying the K6. Keychron also sells a palm rest to pair with the K6.

keychron k6 wireless rgb mechanical keyboard minimal picture
Picture courtesy of Keychron

Massive Good Deal: The Keychron K6 is Nearly Perfect

The Keychron K6 RGB wireless mechanical keyboard is an almost perfect option, if it wasn’t for its thickness and kinky function keys. But this problems are result of some of its best features, the huge battery and its 65% compact design.

The thickness and height issue can be quickly fixed using a wrist rest, but keep it in mind when thinking about your keyboard budget. The function keys issue can be fixed by mapping specific keys that you regularly use even though this is time consuming.

If you are looking for a compact, wireless mechanical keyboard with RGB under $100 then look no further. The K6 will not disappoint and will keep your workspace uncluttered.

For more keyboards review, check out our Keyboards section. If you want to learn more about the K1, check out Keychron’s website. Click the image below to buy the K6 in Amazon.

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