Keychron K2: The best mechanical keyboard for a tight budget

keychron k2 wireless mechanical keyboard

This article will explore the Keychron K2, a popular wireless budget mechanical keyboard known to be one of the best out there, offering great value and aesthetics under 100$. If you’d like to purchase premium products for your setup, make sure you check out our Store. We currently sell a curated product selection of desk mats, lights, chargers, accessories and much more.

The K2 comes in three different versions: White Backlight (69$), RGB Backlight (79$) and RGB Backlight with an Aluminum Frame (89$). You can choose either Red, Blue or Brown switches for each of the versions mentioned. These options are available on Keychron’s website.

Clean and Minimal Design

All the keycaps have a clean and simple design, making it feel unobtrusive and blends the keyboard perfectly with any workspace. Even the function keys all look great.

The color is a combination of dark and light grey with just a hint of glow on the ESC key on the top left in a bright orange. I can happily say that the Caps Lock does have a light to let you know when its activated, something that my own keyboard is lacking and is a daily frustration.

The K2 is very comfortable to type on, the switches feel amazing in the Red variant. Moreover, it can switch quickly between up to 3 devices as it has Bluetooth 5.1. Keychron ships the K2 with specific keycaps for both Windows & Mac, a USB Type C cable for charging and using it wired.

Battery lasts a long time with the 4000mAh integrated battery, but your mileage might vary depending on how you have the backlight setup

Picture courtesy of Andres Vidoza

Downsides of the K2

The backlight itself is a bit dim and is barely noticeable in a well lit environment, something to take into consideration if you are thinking about getting the RGB version.

The keyboard is really thick, making it feel tall and almost impossible to use without a wrist rest when angled. Keychron also sells a well-built palm rest to pair with the K2.

The low battery indicator could be made more visible, like flashing the keyboard with a red hue to let you know that battery is running low.

Lack of language options for the keyboard really limits its use for a big part of people who intend to buy the K2 as the only configuration is in English.

The K2 has an 84-keys layout which might be just your style but I personally need a number pad and the K4 is a perfect match: it has some extra features, the numb pad but doesn´t increase in price.

Final Thoughts

For 69$, the Keychron K2 is one of the best (if not the best) budget wireless mechanical keyboard that doesn´t compromise on looks, tactility and connectivity. I believe this will be the first mechanical keyboard experience for many people around the world and it surely will be a great one. Obviously, the K2 is so popular due to the insane value it provides for under 100$ and it makes recommending this keyboard a really easy and trustworthy decision.

If you do a quick search for the best budget wireless mechanical keyboard on reddit you will find plenty of comprehensive reviews that match what I have said previously about the K2. Everywhere across the internet, this keyboard stands out by being one of the best budget wireless mechanical options each year and many high profile people use it such as MKBHD. Do not take my word for it, trust one of the world´s biggest tech reviewers.

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