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Setupedia: The leading desk setups store.

Our store focuses on providing the very best products to improve your desk setup.

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setupedia desk mats

Desk Mats

Made from premium materials and built to declutter your setup and maximize your workflow.

setupedia lights


Inspiring lights to keep you motivated through your hustle and prolonged gaming sessions. Ideal for any gaming room.

setupedia stands


Perfect for creating a more versatile desk setup, available for laptops, phones and tablets.

setupedia chargers


Fast and convenient chargers for all your mobile devices, from wireless to fast charging.

setupedia accessories


Unique accessories to complement your devices and maximize your workflows and productivity.

setupedia digital goods

Digital Goods

Our curated collection of digital goods, focused on icons to improve your home screen aesthetic.

People spend on average 6 hours per day on their desks… Make it worth your time !



Eduardo R on Grey Desk Mat

“…comfortable and doesn’t make you sweat. It’s thick, but not overly so… Looks awesome on my COVID-19 WFH setup”


Kenny C on Lightning Bolt LED Light

“Looks good for my 80s themed room…Love the vibe that this light gives off.”


Oliver I on Astronaut USB Light

“A wonderful, long-awaited lamp! Everything works perfectly, the children are happy.!”