Curved Monitor Desk Setup

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curved monitor desk setup

In depth look of a Curved Monitor Desk Setup from Ulrisch Esch, featuring a 34 inch LG Ultrawide QHD monitor at its center. Built for productivity and photo editing, this desk setup is near perfection for most power users.

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Curved Monitor

Ulrisch is rocking the LG 34WN80C-B, a 34 inch ultrawide IPS monitor that has a WQHD resolution of 3440 x 1440in 21:9. This LG monitor also has USB-C Power Delivery for charging your laptop while using the monitor, 99% of the sRGB spectrum and small bezels all around.

The highlight of the 34WN80C-B is the curved display that boasts HDR10 and accurate colors, making any type of work enjoyable with this monitor, specially due to the slight curve which makes it even more immersive. The included stand makes it easy to customize for any workflow, allowing tilting and height adjusting.

Another reason that makes this monitor so appealing is software. LG has a built-in program that allows you to control up to 4 LG monitors from one single computer as well as easily splitting up apps.

Ports for the 34WN80C-B include:

  • 1x USB-C (cable included)
  • 2x HDMI (cable included)
  • 1x Display Port
  • 2x USB 3.0
  • 1x 3.5mm headphone jack

Coming at $550, this LG monitor is one of the best deals out there due to its crisp screen, minimal design and the ability to juice up most laptops, with one cable.

Balolo Setup Cockpit

The wooden furniture that is holding the two speakers is the Balolo Setup Cockpit, a modern monitor stand made from American Walnut and Birch wood. Setup Cockpit can support two monitors side by side (or an ultrawide) and can also me modified with modular accessories like a laptop tray, riser, headphone & phone stand, etc.

The Balolo Setup Cockpit is perfect for those that want to enhance the look of their workspace with a premium accessory that improves ergonomics, maximizes desk space and looks fantastic.

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Curved Monitor Desk Setup: Keyboard and Mouse

Ulrisch is rocking the ultimate productivity keyboard and mouse combo: Logitech MX Keys + Logitech MX Master 3. The MX Master 3 is used by lots of industry-leading professionals as it has the patented infinite scroll wheel and a horizontal scroll wheel, which is ideal for video editors that need to manipulate video on a timeline. If you are looking for a more detailed review of the MX Master 3, make sure you read our in depth review.

The MX Keys works fantastically when paired with the MX Master. This keyboard features Bluetooth connectvity for up to 3 devices, textured key caps and a decent amount of travel.

Grey Desk Mat

This curved monitor desk setup features our Grey Desk Mat, featuring a minimal design and made from soft materials. This desk mat can fit any full sized keyboard and mouse for a more ergonomic experience as well as giving your desk setup a unique look.

Monitor Light: BenQ ScreenBar

Ulrisch is rocking the BenQ ScreenBar, a premium monitor light that sits on top of your monitor to provide light for your desk setup. It might not seem like much but this tiny light can drastically increase productivity and is ideal for anyone that does sketching on their desk. Check out our review of the BenQ ScreenBar for a more in-depth look.

Curved Monitor Desk Setup Accessories

curved monitor desk setup

Orbitkey Nest

Sitting on the Setup Cockpit is the Orbitkey Nest, a valet tray with lots of storage and even a wireless charger. The Nest has a movable magnetic system which allows you to customize the dimensions of the dividers inside. The Orbitkey Nest helps Ulrich maintain a clean setup by placing random, everyday items inside the Nest.

Edifier R1280DBs Speakers

Sitting on the sides of the curved monitor are the Edifier R1280DBs Speakers. Featuring two 21W speakers, a minimal black wooden design and Bluetooth capability, the R1280DBs are perfect for any desk setup enthusiast that wants a dedicated sound system.

Check out our review of the Edifier R1280DBs for a more detailed look. Make sure you check out all of their other products at Edifier and use code SETUPEDIA10 for 10% off any purchase, valid only for USA.

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