Edifier R1280DBs Review

edifier r1280dbs review

In depth review of the Edifier R1280DBs in Wood. This speaker has two 21W drivers with a 13mm tweeter unit and a 4 inch mid-woofer capable of blasting some serious, high quality sound.

Disclaimer: The folks at Edifier were kind enough to send this product free of charge but this review is based off my own thoughts. Edifier did not have any input on this review. Make sure you check out all of their other products at Edifier and use code SETUPEDIA10 for 10% off any purchase, valid only for USA.

Build quality of the R1280DBs

The R1280DBs do not compromise not a bit on build quality, they are heavy and feel incredibly sturdy on my desk. I chose the Brown version because it pairs extremely well with my wooden desk and I must say, the quality of the wood itself is top notch. Volume dials are well built and feel responsive.

Sound Quality and Technology

The R1280DBs are a real upgrade to the default PC speakers I have been using during years which would often vibrate due to their garbage quality. I can now hear specific sounds on my favorite songs that I simply could not hear with my AirPods or any other sort of speakers. The moment when you first notice that vital difference is when you know that the speakers are worth it.

Tech wise the R1280DBs are perfect. They have Bluetooth 5.0 for easily pairing your computer or phone without the need of cables and making it easy to switch between devices.

The included remote control is the main star though. This is ideal for switching volume on the go, play / pause, switching inputs and turning the speakers on / off. Even if it doesn’t seem like much, it is much more comfortable to change settings with a remote than from your device or even the dials.

Final thoughts of the Edifier R1280DBs

If you are looking for a solid pair of dedicated speakers for your room, to use with both your PC and phone, then look no further. Edifier has done a fantastic job with this speaker with a fantastic build quality, great sound, easiness of use and a great value. Coming at $150 or $135 if you use discount code SETUPEDIA10 there are few other speakers that offer this kind of value.

You seriously can’t go wrong with the R1280DBs and you surely won’t be disappointed with them.

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