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Grey Desk Mat

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This luxurious Grey Desk Mat, made from soft cloth is perfect for any desk setup. Give your home office a modern look and achieve the perfect balance of control and speed with this micro-textured desk pad to enhance your performance.

Shipping to USA & Europe in 7-15 days

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Sleek design: Minimal wide design suitable for any workspace, gaming room and everything in between. The soft cloth material allows for precise mouse tracking.

Ergonomic: Reduces wrist strain and may prevent long term injuries like Carpial tunnel syndrome.

Durable: Easy to clean surface, with waterproof and grease coating, ensuring twice as much use than conventional desk mats.

Ideal size: Not too large, not too small, it’s the perfect midground at 80 x 33cm / 31.5″ x 13″


grey desk mat

Grey Desk Mat

Grey Desk Mat

Material: Wool
Size: 80 x 33cm / 31.5″ x 13″


Package Includes:
– 1x Grey Desk Mat


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12 reviews for Grey Desk Mat

  1. Eduardo R

    A true “felt” pad that is comfortable and doesn’t make you sweat. It’s thick, but not overly so, and the non-slip dots on the back keep the desk mat in place. I have not seen the material pill up or anything. Looks awesome on my COVID-19 WFH setup.

    wool desk mat in black

    wool desk mat setupedia

    wool desk mat

    wool desk mat

  2. Quinton W

    This was exactly what I was looking for. It’s smooth and doesn’t cause my skin discomfort when typing. It also is super grippy to my table, so it doesn’t move around. I use the Logitech MX Master 3 and it works fine.

    setupedia wool desk mat

    setupedia large wool desk mat

  3. Ashley R

    This Desk Pad has been nice so far. I bought it because I was having some pain in my elbow from resting it on the desktop when I worked. This pad has alleviated that soreness. The pad seems to be a compressed felt, which is slightly rough to the touch, but not uncomfortable (think the feeling of a felted wool dryer ball but firmer). The textured bottom keeps the pad from sliding around, there is enough room for my keypad, trackpad, and enough space on the side for drinks/phone/notebook to lay while working. The color is nice, almost like a soft marbling of grey/white/black.

    setupedia wool desk mat

  4. Chris M

    There is room for improvement, but I am happy with the result. It has held up well over the last 4 months of daily use for me, and I do not see any signs of wear. And unlike some other cheap pads, there is no separation from the backing material and all the edges look nicely cut.

    setupedia wool desk mat

  5. Rich S

    Arrived earlier than promised (even during the crazy holiday and pandemic fueled online shipping crunch), rolled up with a rubber band in a protective cellophane sleeve. When it was unrolled, there was a mark from the rubber band, a few sparse wrinkles, and would not lay completely flat. After ironing with steam, it lays perfectly flat and the wrinkles vanished.

    It is comfortable to rest my arms on, the mouse glides effortlessly, it is thick enough to provide comfort (but not too thick to be annoying), and it just makes the desk more appealing to look at. Now if I can just keep the clutter off the desk…

    setupedia large minimal wool desk mat

  6. Remington B

    Love this mouse pad. Overall works fairly well and looks great. The non slip surface on the back actually works on my wooden desktop surface and the mouse glides pretty well on the mouse pad. The one complaint is that my g502 mouse had issues with the felt material since the middle sliding pads of the mouse would catch on the felt. It was an easy fix though just by taking them off the mouse, it now slides perfectly. Also the price is great.

    wool desk mat

  7. Colin H

    I am in love with my new mat for my PC desk. It’s comfortable, not at all itchy, and the color is amazing (dark grey). The ONLY thing that I could possible critique about this product is that it’s shipped wrapped up and secured by a rubber band that seemed to have left a small seam on the visible side of the mat but if you lay it on your desk it will get flatI had some heavier textbooks that I laid on top of it for a few days and it seems to have gotten a lot of the shipping wrinkles out (except for the one main one).

  8. Kike O

    Comes pretty wrinkled but if you iron it with lots of steam you’ll be fine. Felt settles after removing wrinkles allowing for soft and unobstructed mouse movement.

  9. Killian J

    I’m very happy with my mousepad. I wanted something simple, that would protect my desk and this does the job perfectly. I rather than having a mousepad and a coaster, I can place everything on this simple felt pad. Great product.

  10. Larry E

    Highly recomended it !!!

  11. Jack B

    Feels so smooth when scrolling with my MX Master 3. Can’t believe how good this is considering the price point. This is a must !

    wool desk mat

    wool desk mat

  12. Klaus S

    Perfect for my student desk setup. I can use it for both gaming and productivity. no complaints. Shipping took 10 days to Berlin

    wool desk mat deutscheland

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