All White Minimal Desk Setup: 5K iMac for Designing

all white minimal desk setup

This article will focus on an all white minimal desk setup employing a 5K iMac for designing and programming. The setup belongs to Oliur / UltraLinx and has now currently transformed into a M1 Macbook Pro Setup.

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5K iMac: Perfect for designing, coding and content creation

At the center of the setup stands the 27 inch 5K iMac that Oliur uses for his workflow. This includes designing for clients (and his own websites), coding and editing 4K video for his YouTube channel. He also uses Sketch and Figma.

Nowadays, Oliur has changed the iMac for an M1 Macbook Pro but he insists that the previous machine was more than capable of handling anything he possibly needed. Specs of the iMac:

  • CPU: 3Ghz, 6 core Intel Core i5
  • GPU: Radeon Pro 570X
  • RAM: 24GB
  • SSD: 1TB

Minimal Wireless Mechanical Keyboard: Keychron K2

Oliur’s keyboard of choice is the Keychron K2, one of the best budget wireless mechanical keyboard on the market. The K2 doesn’t compromise on neither connectivity, looks and design. For under $100, the K2 has an insane value proposition that. Check out our Keychron K2 Review for more details.

The keyboard sits on a ULX Vegan Leather Desk Mat, a store that Oliur built himself. His wallet is also from ULX. Use code SETUPEDIA10 on ULX Store as it gives you a 10% off discount on your entire order.

The desk is from IKEA, same goes to the the Alex drawers that support the kitchen table (desk). He also uses a separate table leg from IKEA to ensure that the desk is stable.

All White Minimal Desk Setup Accesories

all white minimal desk setup by Oliur Ultralinx
Oliur’s Setup

The desk light visible at the left is the Menu JWDA Concreta Table Lamp, which provides a warm atmosphere and has a beautiful aesthetic. The concrete version has been discontinued.

For sound, Oliur uses the popular and unique Harman Kardon SoundSticks III 2.1 Speaker System. He has been using them for more than 10 years, which speaks magnitudes of Harman Kardon’s build quality and justify their heavy price tag.

To use the iPad Pro as a secondary display (MacOS Sidecar), he uses the Lamicall Gooseneck Tablet Mount. This accessory is meant for keeping the iPad in a fixed position as it requires a bit of force to move.

Moreover, Oliur uses an Aluminium Satechi USB Type C Hub to make IO easier to connect. This USB Hub comes in a perfect color to match the iMac’s aesthetic.

Another unique accessory is the FLOAT Shelft which works perfectly to hide any external hard drive, SSD or any other object causing clutter in your workspace. The FLOAT Shelf keeps hidden from sight but also has cohesive Apple like design.

At the right of the setup, you can see the Native Union Marquetry Wireless Charger. The charger is made out of genuine Italian leather, has Qi certification and can charge up to 10W.

The minimal posters that decorate the room are from LinxSupply, another brand that Oliur made. They focus on minimal looking art and clothing.

The chair is the Markus Office Chair from IKEA.

Final Thoughts on this All White Minimal Desk Setup

I personally think that Ultralinx has one of the best looking minimal desk setups, with an all white aesthetic. Everything looks perfectly thought of, creating a marvelous workspace with a clean design. I seriously don’t know what I would change to improve on this setup. Check out our other Minimal setups.

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