M1 Macbook Pro Setup: Amazing for content creation and editing

M1 Macbook Pro Workspace by Oliur Ultralinx

This setup tour of the new M1 Macbook Pro powered by Apple’s own silicon is from Oliur / Ultralinx. I will analyze and review what Oliur has to say: how the new Macbook Pro M1 has impacted his content creation and video editing workflow.

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LG 5K Ultrafine monitor: Perfect companion for any Macbook

At the center of the setup stands the LG 5K Ultrafine Monitor, perfect for any Macbook setup. The monitor has Power Delivery via Thunderbolt 3 (up to 94W) and native brightness screen control, making it easy to adjust brightness directly from the keyboard. This features allows to power the entire setup using only one cable for charging, video output and data.

One of the benefits of this monitors over a regular 4K UHD display that it displays 77% more pixels. The LG 27MD5KL-B can reach 500 nits of brightness and covers the P3 color gamut due to its IPS panel. Another advantage is that the Ultrafine has a built-in camera and stereo speakers which might not be excellent but is much better than the included with the Macbook Pro. Oliur chose this monitor because the picture quality is the closest to his previous 5K iMac.

Efficiency and performance: The new M1 Macbook Pro

M1 Macbook Pro on a laptop stand

Apple really took a huge leap forward this year with the release of their own chips for Mac. This lead to a jaw dropping in performance while at the same time providing almost +50% battery life, making the new Macs extremely hard to compete with. This also makes me optimistic about the future: if a laptop with limited thermal performance can be faster than a dedicated studio computer, imagine what the next generation of iMacs will be capable of.

Oliur bought the configuration with 16GB of RAM and 1TB SSD. He clearly states that this laptop outperforms a one year old 5K iMac making any current iMac hard to sell. The M1 Macbook Pro handles 4K footage and Sketch files with ease, making it perfect for a lot of professionals workflow.

Programs that are already optimized for Apple’s new processors run extremely well and efficient and those that don´t use Rosetta 2. Rosetta 2 is a program that makes any x86 programs run on the new Macs. Due to Rosetta 2 being an emulator, a performance hit of -20% is to be expected but regardless, everything runs perfectly and will improve drastically as developers update their apps for M1.

The integrated stand of the LG Ultrafine took too much space so instead Oliur decided to use a monitor arm. The Macbook Pro sits on a laptop tray to maximize desk space (also included with the monitor arm).


Keychron K1 low profile mechanical gaming and productivity keyboard
Keychron K1, Apple Magic Mouse 2 and a ULX Desk Mat

Ultralinx uses the Keychron K1 low profile wireless mechanical keyboard. The K1 is one of the best low profile tenkeyless (87-key) keyboards out there, perfect for both gaming and productivity.

Keychron manufactures the K1 in two different variants: 87 key for 69$ and 104 key for 82$ (with number pad). After choosing this configuration you can then select either white backlight or RGB backlight, both come with an Aluminum body. You can choose either Red, Blue or Brown switches for each of the versions mentioned.

The switches are durable Gateron 48% low profile mechanical switches. This results in the keyboard being ultra slim and not making necessary the use of a wrist rest. Moreover, it can switch quickly between up to 3 devices as it has Bluetooth 5.1. In addition, Keychron ships the K1 with specific keycaps for both Windows & Mac, a USB Type C cable for charging and using it wired.

Keychron designed this keyboard with enthusiasts from around the world, resulting in a keyboard that fits you like a glove. The K1 is packaged nicely, ships fast and almost no issues have been reported. If you are looking for the perfect keyboard with low profile switches for a great price, you should get the K1. The K1 has a lot of similar features to the K2 keyboard, which we have reviewed previously.

The K1 sits on top of a leather desk mat from ULX, a company that Ultralinx himself made. Make sure you use coupon code SETUPEDIA10 for a 10% off discount on your entire order on ULX Store.

He also uses the Apple Magic Mouse 2.


M1 Macbook pro setup for content creation and video editing
M1 Macbook Pro Setup, picture courtesy of Ultralinx

The speakers are the popular and unique Harman Kardon SoundSticks III 2.1 Speaker System. At the left of the setup, you can see the Native Union Marquetry Wireless Charger. The charger is made out of genuine Italian leather, has Qi certification and can charge up to 10W. The desk is from Ergonofis, made out Walnut.

Herman Miller Aeron

Oliur’s office chair is the Herman Miller Aeron, perfect for anyone. The Aeron can be adjusted to fit anyone comfortably due to all the different options. Although expensive, Herman Miller chairs are superior in quality, are good for your back and come with a 12-year warranty.

The drawer on the left is the IKEA Alex Drawer unit in gray.

This is one of the best setups using the Macbook Pro M1 for content creation that I have seen. The aesthetic is unparalleled and everything looks perfect and minimal. Make sure to watch Ultralinx’s video about his setup on his YouTube channel.

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