ULX Desk Mat Review

ulx desk mat review

In depth review of the ULX Desk Mat from ULX Store, made out of vegan leather and suitable for any workspace. If you are looking for other products from ULX, make sure you check out their store. Grab this desk mat ULX Store using the coupon code SETUPEDIA10 that gives you a 10% off discount on your entire order.

Build Quality and Design

This desk mat is made out of vegan leather, which means plastic. It is not made from leather, even if it looks like it, specially by the price tag of $89. It’s not the best out there but it certainly accomplishes the job of protecting your desk. On the upside, vegan leather has a really smooth finish so mouse scrolling is flawless.

Design is extremely minimal, with a small stitching on the outside of the desk mat and the ULX logo on the bottom right. The ULX branding does not bother me at all, it even makes it feel like a premium, high quality product.

The ULX Desk Mat comes at 80cm x 40cm / 31.5″ x 15.6″ which is sufficiently big to fit a 100% keyboard and mouse comfortably while still having more room for other items like an iPad, notes, drinks, etc.

ULX Desk Mat Review: Worth it ?

Coming at $89 plus shipping, this is surely an overpriced desk mat. The ULX desk mat is a great product that does what it’s supposed to do but not for cheap.

For $89 I would expect that the desk mat would be made out of genuine leather, even if it’s the worst type of leather. It’s hard for me to justify spending this much on a plastic desk mat when there are better alternatives that cost less, such as the Galen Leather Desk Pad, which features REAL, vegetable tanned leather.

This desk mat won’t disappoint if you know what you are going to get and it will do it’s intended purpose, but why settle for a product with less quality ?

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