Galen Leather Desk Pad Review

galen leather desk pad

Review of the Galen Leather Co Desk Pad, the perfect addition to any setup. This desk mat can protect your desk from scratches whilst providing a smooth surface to rest your palms and to quickly use any mouse.

Disclaimer: The folks at Galen Leather were kind enough to send this product free of charge but this review is based off my own thoughts. Galen Leather did not have any input on this review. Make sure you check out all of their other products at Galen Leather Co.

Design and Materials of the Galen Leather Desk Pad

The Galen Leather Desk Pad has a sleek design, capable of covering a significant part of any desk, resulting in room for both a keyboard and mouse (I’m rocking the 15″ x 24″ version) . Even when using my 100% keyboard with numb pad and MX Master 3, I still have room to spare. The extensive design is ideal for anyone that also uses their desk setup with paper notebooks as the Galen Leather Desk Pad can comfortably fit an A4 notebook. Additionally, the edges of the desk pad are extremely smooth, giving it a more luxurious aesthetic thanks to beeswax burnishing.

Material quality is out of this world. The Galen Leather Desk Pad is made out of a luxurious handmade vegetable tanned leather that patinas fantastically. I received this product 3 months ago and it’s starting to age beautifully, you can see small scratches, different colors and textures. The one downside about patina is that it will show anything you do to the leather, so be careful with oils and hot beverages (I have already marked my desk pad) as it appear on the future and be permanent.

  • Two different sizes for the desk mats: 15″ x 24″ / 38.1 x 61cm and 18″ x 32″ / 45.7 x 81.3cm
  • Colors for the Leather Desk Pads include: Black, Tan, Brown, Dark Brown, Natural, Navy Blue, Forest Green, Navy Blue, Smoky and Honey Ochre.

Galen Leather Co also includes a personalization option for $14 where you can engrave your initials or anything you like. Perfect for a thoughtful gift.


This might not seem important but its crucial. The desk pad came wrapped in a cylindrical cardboard box, wrapped by a cloth bag, which ensured that it arrived flawlessly. As the desk mat came rolled up I had to use a couple of books to flatten it out, this is not an issue at all but I thought I needed to address it as others might be in shock.

Moreover, the Galen Leather Desk Pad came with a Devil’s Eye as well as Turkish coffee and tea which was a delightful surprise.

Galen Leather Desk Pad Packaging
Galen Leather Desk Pad Packaging

Final thoughts on the Galen Leather Desk Pad

This desk mat has definitely beat my expectations by a lot. Coming at $69 I can’t complain. Most desk mats at this price point don’t even offer real leather (they say vegan leather) like the ones from ULX that are even more expensive. Quality is superb and design is perfect for most workspaces.

Details like the coffee, tea and Devil’s eye really make me value this product even more as it feels more personal.

If you are thinking about buying a leather desk pad, you really can’t go wrong with the Galen Leather Desk Pad. You will find the desk pad under The Desk collection. Make sure you use this link when buying anything from Galen Leather Co as you’ll get 5% off your order.

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