Pastel Aesthetic Icons

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The Pastel Aesthetic Icons features a pastel icon pack for iOS devices, wallpapers that pair nicely and a set of instructions to create custom widgets that fit perfectly with the aesthetic.
Contains App Icons for 100 most popular apps. Optimized for iOS but suitable for Android as well.

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Your files will be available to download as soon as payment is confirmed. For installation of this Icon Pack, check out our instructions before you purchase. As this product is a digital good, we do not offer refunds. However, please contact us if you have any problems with your order. For more information, check out our Terms of Service.

Eye catching: Minimal aesthetic pastel icons design.

Unique: Perfect to enhance your home screen looks.

No hassle: Easy to install.


pastel aesthetic icons

pastel aesthetic icons

Package Includes:
– 3x downloads of Pastel Aesthetic Icons


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2 reviews for Pastel Aesthetic Icons

  1. Jessica

    Icons look so clean and make my iphone unique than all of my other friends. Wallpapers are a perfect match, I havent tried the widgets as I dont understand them

  2. Melanie W

    Now I can finally show off my icons to my friends ! Icon colors pop but saturation is just perfect. Love this icons ! Although I spent some time installing it, I couln’t be happier

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