iOS 6 App Icons

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The iOS 6 App Icons features the most nostalgic icons from the praised iOS 6. Perfect for any Apple fan that wants to relive the old, yet timeless design. Optimized for iOS but suitable for Android as well. Includes the 23 original stock Apple apps with classic design.

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Eye catching: Nostalgic iOS 6 icons design.

Unique: Perfect to enhance your home screen aesthetic.

No hassle: Easy to install.

ios 6 app icons

ios 6 icon pack

Package Includes:
– 3x downloads of iOS 6 App Icons


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1 review for iOS 6 App Icons

  1. Jaime M

    As a longtime apple fanboy, the second I saw this icon set I immediately purchased it. And I have zero regrets. Its like having my blazing fast old iPhone 4S. The amount of memories that this uncovered is totally worth it

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