Dark and cozy luxurious setup in Singapore

thericebucket setup

This setup with a dark and cozy aesthetic belongs to Benjamin Ong from Singapore, AKA @thericebucket, perfect for content creation, gaming and productivity.

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30 inch curved ultrawide gaming monitor with 200Hz

At the center of the main setup stands a Sceptre 30 inch monitor that comes for around 400$. This monitor is a curved 21:9 gaming ultrawide with a 200Hz refresh rate, built-in speakers and VESA mount support. The panel for the monitor is VA so expect colors to have less pop.

The Sceptre C305B-200UN also comes with FreeSync, 5ms response time, back LED lights to illuminate your setup. The monitor also has other features like picture by picture mode which allows two different input sources to be displayed side by side. It also cover 90% of the sRGB color gamut making it also suitable for individuals who require color accuracy.

Build quality is really nice and all of the features are great. The high refresh rate is definitely noticeable when playing quick action games such as Overwatch, Quake, Champions and Warframe. I personally have not experienced any motion blur as others have complained about but take it into consideration. The 5ms response time might seem slow but I have not seen any real and annoying input lag. This is a great monitor for the price point, it has some quirks but its worth the price if you can get it in the 300$ price range.

Aesthetic PC Case

shot from above workspace with ultrawide monitor in Singapore
Picture courtest of Benjamin Ong

Benjamin did not specify about his build, only about his case, the popular NZXT H510. This case can be seen around every place on the internet. The H510 is perfect for gaming PCs or any other as it has cable management, a tempered glass side panel, tons of IO (even USB C) and a modern design aesthetic.

Peripherals of the dark and luxurious setup

ultrawide setup with custom keyboard and mx master 3
Anne Pro 2 with custom keycaps


Keyboards wise, thericebucket uses the Anne Pro 2 and the Razer BlackWidow TE.

The Anne Pro 2 is a small form factor 60% mechanical keyboard for gaming with both wired and wireless modes. It comes with RGB backlit and is currently available for 100$ on Amazon. This keyboard has Bluetooth 5.0 for the best connectivity and USB Type C for charging the 1900mAh battery. The Anne Pro 2 comes with Gateron Red mechanical switches which are fully programmable. The switches are not that loud but have a satisfying tactile click to them, they are solid and never wiggle.

Benjamin also uses the Razer BlackWidow V2 Tenkeyless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard which is available right now on Amazon for 120$. This is by far more expensive than the Keychron K2 we have reviewed previously. The BlackWidow features orange key switches (tactile yet silent), Razer’s Chroma RGB lighting system and a magnetic wrist rest. The keyboard comes with a braided cable and the wrist is very comfortable. Some people have complained about issues with the keyboard (double typing). If you can get the BlackWidow for under 100$ then buy it, it will not disappoint.


Known as the best productivity mouse in the world, the MX Master 3 is a beautiful masterpiece. It improves on the MX Master 2S with a more ergonomic design, new color options and USB Type C. This mouse has a 4000 000 DPI sensor for precise tracking on any surface.
The MX Master 3 features both vertical and horizontal scroll wheels, fully customizable macro buttons and more. It has wireless connectivity that can connect simultaneously between up to 3 different devices. The infinite scroll wheel is specially crucial for people that constantly use Excel or any other niche programs.

Monochrome Accesories

ultrawide monitor shot in singapore
Picture courtesy of Benjamin Ong

A Creative Sound Blaster X3 DAC (Digital Audio Converter) is also present on Benjamin´s workspace. It ensures that sound is delivered with the highest quality possible to either speakers or headphones. This DAC has 7.1 surround system, USB C, fully customizable EQ presets and many more options for personalization.

The speakers are the Edifier e25 Luna Eclipse in White. They have Bluetooth, and come with a remote for volume and power while also having touch sensitive controls. The e25 have 3 inch bass driver and 19mm tweeters in each speaker. This speakers look and sound spectacular with accuracy making them one of the best speakers under 200$.

The monitor sits above an Ikea Alex unit which offers storage and more space to place accessories. The monitor is connected to a generic monitor arm mount for VESA compatible monitors.

The keyboard sits over a large vegan leather desk mat from our store. Made from high quality vegan leather and integrated with a waterproof coating.

Benjamin Ong´s workspace is one of the few rooms I have seen use almost perfectly a dark color palette so luxuriously. He combined a beautiful minimal aesthetic paired with clean accessories like no other. If you like his setup, make sure to follow him on Instagram @thericebucket as he constantly posts updates for his workspace.

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