Twelve South Curve Review

twelve south curve review

In depth review of the Twelve South Curve stand for laptops, a minimal stand that can raise your laptop and improve the looks of your desk setup.

Disclaimer: The folks at Twelve South were kind enough to send this product free of charge but this review is based on my own thoughts. Twelve South did not have any input on this review. Make sure you check out all of their other products at Twelve South.

Design and Build Quality of the Twelve South Curve

The Curve is a fantastic, functional stand that shows the beautiful design of your laptop without obtrusions. Design is minimal and stylish and can fit any desk perfectly. The curve comes in two different color variants: White and Black. The black version fits particularly well with any space grey Macbook and other dark colored laptops.

The open design of the Twelve South Curve allows for better thermal performance on your laptop as it allows for more air inflow. Another benefit of this stand is that saves valuable desk space. You can use the space below the laptop to store other items like books, cables, you name it.

The Curve is really solid and does not wobble when using it. You can easily close and open your laptop without any hassle. This allows to easily use your laptop as a secondary display or close it and focus on your monitor. Keep in mind that this stand is not suitable to use only with a laptop, you will need a keyboard and preferably a mouse to get the best of it.

Material quality is also top notch, the Curve Stand is made out of a single piece of machined metal. The stand also has anti slip pads to make sure that your laptop does not move.

Final thoughts on the Twelve South Curve Stand

I truly believe that if you are looking for an elegant stand for your laptop that has tremendous build quality, then the Twelve South Curve is ideal. It might be a bit expensive at $69 when compared to other generic stands but it makes it up when taking into consideration the design. There is nothing to complain about this stand except for the price, but if you have already spent $1300 on a MacBook, at least buy a matching accessory for your beautiful MacBook.

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