The ultimate $30,000 Build: Unbox Therapy Gaming PC

unbox therapy gaming pc

This is a review of Unbox Therapy’s custom made 30 000$ gaming PC. Made with distinct parts and the ultimate gaming chair, Lew from Unbox Therapy takes the concept of gaming to a whole new level.

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Custom gaming chair

The PC and monitors all sit in the IWR1 IMPERATORWORKS gaming chair. This chair uses a luxurious leather chair with a comfortable texture and it even includes a massage function. The IWR1 automatically opens/closes by pressing only one switch, making it quick and easy to jumpo into a gaming session. Electrical motors enable the gaming chair to recline to a 0 gravity posture (128 degree). Imperatorworks also includes two options for mounting displays: single monitor (up to 49″) or triple monitors (up to 32″).

Unbox therapy gaming pc using the IWR1 IMPERATORWORKS Brand Gaming chair, Computer chair for office and home; For triple monitors

Pros of the IWR1 Imperatorworks

This chair is a gamer’s dream. The leather of the seat is soft and smooth, it feels as a any high end leather chair. The IWR1 that Unbox Therapy uses for his gaming pc setup is a piece of art, its beautiful. The combination between the LED lights, smokey mirrors on the base and sleek lines makes the IWR1 feel almost like jewelry. This is more than just a “computer chair”.

Build quality is superb: heavy duty is an understatement. But this was expected, given the 3800$ price tag.

Assembly was easier than expected as there are plenty of tutorials online. Keep in mind that you need two people to assemble it.

Cons of the IWR1 Imperatorworks

The packaging for this gaming chair is huge and its combined weight is about 750lbs. 5 men or even more are needed just to move the box. Imperatorworks includes 3 Display Por cables with the IWR1 but 2 of them didn’t work.

Unbox Therapy custom gaming PC setup

Lew uses a custom made PC from Xidax, which costs 20 000$ at the time of his video. The components that the build features are as follows:

Unbox Therapy Gaming PC from Xidax

Unbox Therapy Gaming Setup Monitor

Lew pairs his gaming chair with the LG 43UD79-B. This panel is a 43 inch UHD 4K IPS monitor, perfect for gaming and productivity. LG includes 4x HDMI inputs, USB Type C and HDCP 2.2 compatibility. The 4 HDMI ports allows the user to simultaneously see 4 different inputs at the same time using LG’s Screen Split functionality. The 43UD79-B also includes 10W speakers with rich bass and can cover sounds below 85Hz.

Keep in mind that this monitor is HUGE. It looks amazing but its HUGE. This monitor was not made for precision design/graphic/motion picture/photography/etc. work. However, it can function perfectly fine in this role if you need to. 

unbox therapy gaming pc using the LG 43UD79-B
LG 43UD79-B Monitor

Peripherals & Accessories of Unbox Therapy’s Gaming Setup

Desk Mat

Sitting below the keyboard and mouse is the Setupedia Large Vegan Leather Desk Mat. Made from high quality vegan leather and integrated with a waterproof coating. Designed to maximize your valuable space, this custom made desk mat will enhance your productivity with its sleek minimal design.


Lew uses the SteelSeries Arctis Pro GameDAC. They come with Hi Res Audio, a dedicated DAC and Amp for the highest possible sound quality. The Arctis Pro have DTS surround sound for accurate sound, a clear microphone and a comfortable headband. Design is unique due to an intuitive RGB OLED menu. SteelSeries includes PS5/PS4 support for the Arctis pro.


This setup includes the SteelSeries Apex M750 TKL Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. This keyboard has premium metal alloy keycaps with a minimalistic design and RGB that responds to in-game events. The M750 is perfect gaming due to its 100% anti ghosting and full N-Key Rollover, preventing unrecognized key presses.


Unbox Therapy is sporting the SteelSeries Rival 600 Gaming Mouse. This is the world’s lowest and most accurate lift off distance of any mouse. The Rival 600 has customizable weights on both sides of the mouse for ideal movement. This is the ideal mouse for anyone who is planning to take gaming seriously.

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