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Wireless Magnetic Charger

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The Wireless Magnetic Charger allows you to charge all your devices simultaneously. Includes built in touch sensitive light, MagSafe fast wireless charging, Apple Watch compatibility and an extra charging slot.

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Future proof: Made with MagSafe technology to support Fast Wireless charging.

Simultaneous charging: Charge your iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods in one single device.

Ready for any workspace: Touch controlable light with 3 different brightness levels.

Luxurious aesthetic: Minimal and sleek industrial design made with REAL metal.

wireless magnetic charger

Wireless Magnetic Charger

wireless magnetic charger

Material: ABS + Zinc alloy
Input: 9V via USB C


Package Includes:
– 1x Wireless Magnetic Charger


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8 reviews for Wireless Magnetic Charger

  1. Thomas J

    The product came fast, the packaging had a slight dent, but luckily it came in good condition, it has a good magnet to hold the iPhone and Apple Watch. Excellent product, highly recommended it

    Wireless Charging Magnetic Mount

  2. Irek Y

    Very fast shipping, the product seems very strong and made with good quality. It can handle an iPhone 12 Pro Max, Apple Watch and AirPods Pro together. Incredible quality

    Wireless Charging Magnetic Mount

  3. Nate D

    A pleasant shopping experience, the products are high-tech, good quality, fast delivery, 5 days delivery, you can charge your phone and watch at the same time, and there is also a USB that can be separated. Very satisfied, I will continue to buy from this store!

    Wireless Charging Magnetic Mount

  4. Roman E

    The charger was delivered within 6 days. It’s good, everything is normal, supports charging mobile phones, headphones and watches. Charging speed is very high when compared to a regular wireless charger.

    Wireless Charging Magnetic Mount

  5. Kim E

    Very satisfied. The delivery was fast and the goods were great. Korea from China took only two weeks.

    Wireless Charging Magnetic Mount

  6. Omar T

    Looks a lot better than expected. Working great with a good PD charger. Even an older 2A 5W charger still works properly with just an iPhone and Apple Watch. iPhone 12 Pro shows the nice animation when you click it on the magnets. Grabs it fairly well, will see how it fares in the longer run.

    Wireless Charging Magnetic Mount

  7. Sebastian S

    This device is excellent. The magnetic attraction is quite strong and stable and although the MagSafe portion does mot charge at full 15w on an iPhone the flat portion does charge an android phone at 15w – it’s a shame but as this is for a bedside table the fast charge isn’t necessary really. The night light is very good and subtle. Excellent build quality. Very happy.

    Wireless Charging Magnetic Mount

  8. Franco L

    Product quality is very good, a pleasant shopping experience with the Setupedia store

    Wireless Charging Magnetic Mount

    Wireless Charging Magnetic Mount

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