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Walnut Headphone Stand

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This premium headphone stand is crafted exquisitely with the most premium Walnut / Birch Wood and Aluminum, creating the perfect stand to showcase your headphones whilst enhancing your desk setup aesthetic. Add a luxurious accent to your setup with the Walnut Headphone Stand.

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Premium craftmanship: Made out of premium, natural wood and enhanced aluminum alloy.

Aesthetically pleasing: Perfect to display your high quality headphones in your desk setup.

Convenient: Easy uninterrupted access to headphones.

Sleek: Minimal industrial design that complements your workspace.


Walnut Headphone Stand

Walnut Headphone Stand

Walnut Headphone Stand
Materials: Aluminum alloy and Walnut / Birch wood
Product Size: 12cm / 4.72″ tall

Package Includes:
– 1x Walnut Headphone Stand

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3 reviews for Walnut Headphone Stand

  1. Jeremy R

    It looks so luxurious with my AirPods Max ! Item is as advertised. Fast shipping. I highly recommend it. Love the high quality materials, specially the walnut wood.

    Walnut Headphone Stand

    Walnut Headphone Stand

  2. Tom J

    Love the aesthetic. Shipping in 10 days to Australia. Fits my Audiotechnica m50x beautifully

  3. Sarah F

    The walnut finish is amazing ! It looks so good with my wooden desk. Buy it asap

    Walnut Headphone Stand

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