Vaporwave Desk Mat


This aesthetic Vaporwave Desk Mat, made from soft cloth is perfect for any desk setup. Give your home office a modern look and achieve the perfect balance of control and speed with this micro-textured desk pad to enhance your performance.

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Sleek design: Minimal wide design suitable for any workspace, gaming room and everything in between. The soft cloth material allows for precise mouse tracking.

Ergonomic: Reduces wrist strain and may prevent long term injuries like Carpial tunnel syndrome.

Durable: Easy to clean surface, with waterproof and grease coating, ensuring twice as much use than conventional desk mats.

Ideal size: Not too large, not too small, it’s the perfect midground at 80 x 33cm / 31.5″ x 13″


Vaporwave Desk Mat

Material: Wool


Package Includes:
– 1x Vaporwave Desk Mat


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