Oversized Felt Desk Pad

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This Oversized Felt Desk Pad, made from soft cloth is perfect for any desk setup. Give your home office a modern look whilst enjoying a smooth typing and scrolling experience due to the soft wool material and anti slip pads on the bottom of the desk mat.

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Sleek design: Minimal Oversized wide design suitable for any workspace, gaming room and everything in between. The soft cloth material allows for precise mouse tracking.

Ergonomic: Reduces wrist strain and may prevent long term injuries like Carpial tunnel syndrome.

Durable: Easy to clean surface, with waterproof and grease coating, ensuring twice as much use than conventional desk mats.


Oversized Felt Desk Pad

Oversized Felt Desk Pad

Oversized Felt Desk Pad

Material: Wool


Package Includes:
– 1x Oversized Felt Desk Pad


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1 review for Oversized Felt Desk Pad

  1. Didac H

    Love how big this is ! It can fit my 104 keys keyboard and mouse without any problem and still have plenty of room left for my mug.

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