Omega Swatch MoonSwatch Metal Band

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Protect your Omega Moonswatch and enhance it’s aesthetic with the Omega Swatch Metal Band, featuring the iconic design of sleek metal bracelet band.

Shipping to USA & Europe in 7-10 business days

setupedia bannerFeatures:
Premium Quality: Made from tough stainless steel, much more luxurious than the default Moonswatch belcro band.

Eye catching: Iconic metal bracelet design suitable for any situation.

Ease of use: Easy to swap out your default Omega Swatch band.

omega swatch metal band

omega swatch metal band

omega swatch metal band

Material: Metal
Support: All Omega Swatch Models .


Package Includes:
– 1x Omega Moonswatch Metal Band

– 1x Tool for switching bands


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2 reviews for Omega Swatch MoonSwatch Metal Band

  1. James T

    Love the bracelet, it’s the only one I could find on the internet and it looks great !

  2. Jeremy O

    Build quality is great, I would have liked to wear the black bracelet with the mission to mercury but I have the mission to the moon.

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