Giant AirPod Speaker

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The Giant AirPod Speaker, made from durable and lightweight PBS is perfect for any desk setup. Featuring a striking AirPod design with a built-in battery and +8 hours of music playback, this speaker is ideal for any desk setup.

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Sleek design: Minimal Giant AirPod Speaker design suitable for any workspace, gaming room and everything in between.

Head turner: Unique design that will definitely get complimented.

Durable: Easy to clean surface, with waterproof and grease coating.

Ideal: Not too large, not too small, it’s the perfect midground. Features an integrated built-in battery for 8 hours of music playback.


giant airpod speaker

giant airpod speaker

giant airpod speaker

Material: Plastic


Package Includes:
– 1x Giant AirPod Speaker


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1 review for Giant AirPod Speaker

  1. Sam O

    Soo unique, love it !

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