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Astronaut Light USB

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The Astronaut Light USB is perfect to spice up your desk setup and give it a unique feel. Made for space enthusiasts, this light marks one small step for lights, one giant leap for desk setups.

Shipping to USA & Europe in 8-17 days

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Head turner: Bright and stylish Astronaut Cloud design to showcase in your desk setup. Beware, this is a true eye catcher!


Fully Customizable: RGB lights capable of +1000 color combinations ensures that you can make your astronaut cloud truly unique.


Easy to use: Includes a handy remote to quickly change colors and switch power modes, even from a far, without any hassle.


Eye catching design: Iconic astronaut and cloud design, perfect for any space enthusiast.

Astronaut Light USB


Power Input: 4.5V
Material: PVC
Product Size: 34 x 13cm / 13.4″ x 5.1″


Package Includes:
– 1x Astronaut Light USB
– 1x Cable


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28 reviews for Astronaut Light USB

  1. Brie G

    Very beautiful lamp and the lighting is also great. My baby really enjoys looking at it 🙂 Thanks!!

  2. Gary F


    no remark

    no remark

  3. Chris O

    Quality is amazing good.

  4. Jackie E

    Quite my style and quite well made.

  5. Violet C

    You don't need to hesitate on this. It looks so good !

  6. Sean W

    my friend told me about this light and I am a fan now. The light is so cool at night

  7. Nigel S

    As expected, bright and colorful.

  8. Baron F

    Arrived in 13 days to Bulgaria, super fast and well packed. Colors are fantastic. Exceeded expectations.

  9. Ari L

    Very nice. All according to description. And with many different modes. They should put a little more weight on the figure because sometimes it falls from how little it weighs. But the most beautiful truth than I expected

    astronaut usb light

    astronaut usb light

    astronaut usb light

  10. Benedict O

    Item came as described, battery was included in the remote and the astronaut is not actually fixed to the lamp. Great product!

  11. Richard B

    Thank you. it even came a little earlier than expected. Packaging was great.

    astronaut usb light

    astronaut usb light

    astronaut usb light

  12. Ariana P

    Works perfectly, very pretty!

    astronaut usb light

  13. Gerry O

    Loved it! I’ll buy more products from this store

  14. Oliver I

    A wonderful, long-awaited lamp! Everything works perfectly, the children are happy. Thank you so much setupedia. I recommend it

    astronaut usb light

  15. Gwyneth J

    The lamp is very bright, interesting! But went very long, 2,5 months!!!

    no remark

  16. Joe R

    Beautiful, my son liked the most.

  17. Richard F

    Perfect product

  18. Lisa S

    Am highly satisfied with the speed of delivery and the way it was packed!!!
    Impossible not indicate this store.
    Assured purchase and the product is even greater than I imagined and really surprised me.

    astronaut usb light

    astronaut usb light

    astronaut usb light

    astronaut usb light

    astronaut usb light

  19. Elaine R

    Very cool. Light is really bright

    astronaut usb light

  20. Solana B

    Love it!! Colors are bright and the lighting effects are great. It looks amazing in person.

  21. Dave B

    A great astro RGB cloud lamp. Comes very nicely in
    box, including remote control and astronaut. packed with air cushion follie. Highly recommended for Twitch streamers.

    no remark

    no remark

    no remark

  22. Tessa D

    This is a delight! Everything is perfect, fast delivery

  23. Samuel J

    It's just like the pictures. Amazing product!

    astronaut usb light

    astronaut usb light

  24. Olivia H

    Very cute this lamp! Yes it could be even better if the astronaut was fixed and if an adapter was included, but otherwise it is adorable! A good gift for space lovers

  25. Gary O

    The product is bigger than I thought, it is well 20 cm in diameter. But it's no worse. The lights are very beautiful and there are several modes.

  26. Sam E

    Beautiful and its light is very strong I recommend buying I was hoping to be a battery but we are a wire

    no remark no remark

  27. Mikhail S

    Fast delivery to Poland, about 2 weeks. Very good quality, battery for remote control is included. I'm very satisfied. Hardly recommend 🙂

    no remark

    no remark

  28. Collin A

    Brutal! Beautiful. Perfect

    astronaut usb light

    astronaut usb light

    astronaut usb light

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