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Anti Gravity Phone Case

(20 customer reviews)


The Anti Gravity Phone Case protects your device and enhances its aesthetic, ideal for withstanding the toughest drops and scratches. Can be attached to almost any flat surface with ease and without any sticky residue.

Warning: We are not liable for any damage that you or others might incur using this phone case.

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Anti Gravity technology: Can attach to most surfaces with its TrueSuction™ technology. 

Military grade protection: Protects your phone from scratches and the toughest drops.

Clean design: Sleek minimal aesthetic that complements your device.

anti gravity phone case

anti gravity phone case

anti gravity phone case

Package Includes:

– 1x Anti Gravity Phone Case

Material: TPU
Support: iPhone 6 and newer


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20 reviews for Anti Gravity Phone Case

  1. Isaac E

    Super fine case and works well on mirrors and doors.

    The Anti Gravity Phone Case

  2. Samuel J

    The item is exactly what they sell, it sticks to all surfaces without leaving stain and is removed very easily. Works so good !

    The Anti Gravity Phone Case

  3. Lincoln

    Cool thing!! Only the main thing is to press to the surface well, or it will fly

  4. Jaxon

    It works

  5. Jojo P

    t’s very good but it just sticks to the glass, not the walls

    The Anti Gravity Phone Case

    The Anti Gravity Phone Case

  6. Lachlan

    Très bien, livraison rapide

  7. Charlotte B

    This phone case works exactly as mentioned sticks to flat walls and mirrors or glass very well. However my only con is that it catches on to any dust or dirt that it’s near.

  8. Eva W

    Perfect, I test it and it sticks very well! Plus it looks really good and minimal

    The Anti Gravity Phone Case

  9. Leo

    Love it !

  10. Archer W

    Lovely ! Bought it for my iphone 8 plus after I saw that reel on instagram

    The Anti Gravity Phone Case

  11. Finn B

    At the moment everything is fine, with time it will be seen if it will continue to stick on the surfaces.

  12. Hazel O

    I love it it works great it gets dirty after a while tho but it works and price was good good for making tiktoks lol

  13. Mackenzie O

    The case sticks to the surface of the glass or mirror and keeps the phone protected, it is convenient to remove and does not fall at all. I was pleased with the product, although it can stick dust from the mirror to the back, but it’s OK for everything else. You can see it working with my pic !

    The Anti Gravity Phone Case

  14. Hugo

    It doesn’t say exactly where it should stick but only on Mirrors, chairs nothing that has wallpaper or paint it will not stick for me. Other than that it was good and it came very quick but I think because I ordered a bunch of things together.

  15. Arlo

    Excellent case works just like specifications

  16. Theo

    Very sticky nice

  17. Logan

    It works really good. I was surprised!

  18. Johanna F

    Works exactly as advertised !!! Sticks to any surface I could try it on, I love it. perfect for video calls on zoom and getting my make up done

    The Anti Gravity Phone Case

    The Anti Gravity Phone Case

  19. Luke

    Just received looks just fine looking forward to using it

  20. Ava J

    It sticks super well, the only thing that is kinda difficult is putting the phone inside the case and it’s difficult to remove as well.

    The Anti Gravity Phone Case

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