Adjustable Vertical Laptop Stand


The Adjustable Vertical Laptop Stand is perfect for any modern workspace as it declutters and maximizes desk space. Built from tough Aluminum alloy and featuring a unique adjustable design to fit any laptop, this stand increases productivity whilst augmenting gaming performance.

Premium materials: Made out of durable Aluminum alloy perfect for any work office or desk setup.
Performance: Enhances laptop cooling thus increasing thermal performance and the longevity of your laptop.
Clean design: Minimal unobtrusive design that maximizes your desk space whilst decluttering it.
Versatile: Can fit any laptop with it’s adjusting design.


adjustable vertical laptop stand

adjustable vertical laptop stand

Material: Aluminum alloy
Product Size: 15 x 9.6cm / 5.9″ x 3.8″


Package Includes:
– 1x Adjustable Vertical Laptop Stand

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