Nomad Base Station Stand Review

nomad base station stand

In depth review of the Nomad Base Station Stand. This wireless charger stand can quickly charge your devices with it’s included 18W power brick. Nomad includes a premium braided USB-C to USB-A cable to power up the stand.

Disclaimer: The folks at Nomad were kind enough to send this product free of charge but this review is based off my own thoughts. Nomad did not have any input on this review. Make sure you check out all of their other products at Nomad Goods.

Build Quality and usage of the Base Station Stand

The best word to describe any Nomad product is premium. Materials are exquisite and high quality. The stand itself is made of machined metal which is cold to the touch (just like an iPhone). Moreover, the part where the phone sits is made of black leather which has been holding up really well in 1 month of daily usage.

The Base Station Stand has also been perfect for productivity. I can take any Zoom / Facetime calls without worrying about my phone’s battery quickly dropping, something invaluable during this pandemic. Likewise, being able to quickly see and act on notifications, without constantly disconnecting a cable, is really convenient.


nomad base station stand
Image courtesy of Nomad

Even if the aesthetic is 10/10 and build quality is superb, there’s still one key factor that needs to be take into account when buying any charger: The charging itself. The Nomad Base Station Stand can charge up to 18W any phone, which is much more than most people need.

One downside of any wireless charger (except for the MagSafe iPhone charger) is that Apple caps charging speeds at 10W, making it a bit slower than charging with a cable. This is definitely noticeable but 90% of the time it’s not an issue. Nowadays I only charge with a cable when in desperate need of battery.

Final thoughts of the Nomad Base Station Stand

If you are looking for a premium wireless charging stand, look no more. Featuring a beautiful design, future proof technology and convenience, you really can’t go wrong with the Base Station Stand.

Although this product is not cheap at $99.95, this is a high end product, catered to those that want the best out there. You could easily get a wireless charger from Amazon for $20 but it will probably be ugly, have slow charging speeds and last less than Nomad’s alternative. I believe that if you take care of this charger, it might last for way more than 5 years, outlasting any cheap alternatives and proving itself to be less expensive in the long term.

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