Nomad Base Station Hub in Walnut Review

nomad base station hub in walnut

In depth review of the Nomad Base Station Hub in Walnut wood. This wireless charger has 3 different 10W coils for charging up to two devices (wirelessly) at 7.5W each or 10W one device. Nomad also includes a 7.5W USB A and 18W PD USB-C port on the back to charge any other additional devices.

Disclaimer: The folks at Nomad were kind enough to send this product free of charge but this review is based off my own thoughts. Nomad did not have any input on this review. Make sure you check out all of their other products at Nomad Goods.

Build Quality of the Base Station Hub

If there’s one thing that all Nomad products have is an amazing finish, materials and clean design. This is no exception in the Base Station Hub. The real Walnut finish looks incredible combined with the black leather to place your devices. It almost looks like a piece of luxury tech / furniture that you want to showoff instead of hiding.

Even the charging cable is high quality: Coiled and long so that it will last as long as you need to.

An unexpected feature of this charger was the strong rubber feet. I previously had a cheap Ikea wireless charger that tended to move a bit each time I would place or remove my phone which is extremely annoying in the long-run.


This charger is fast enough that I no longer have a regular cable in my desk setup. I used to only use wireless charger in my night stand to charge my iPhone during the night as it took a lot longer to charge than a regular cable but it’s way more convenient. Being able to easily place and remove my phone from a charger has been quite convenient when needing to send a quick text, all without messing around with cables.

Issue when charging: As I mentioned, I have this charger extremely close to my bed (less than 50cm away) and when trying to sleep with almost no noise I can hear a subtle coil whine which is really annoying. I am not sure if this is a widespread issue or if my unit was defective but it’s definitely noticeable. The sound decreases when placing my phone on only one coil so I’d recommend not placing your device horizontally at night.

Final thoughts of the Nomad Base Station Hub in Walnut

If you are looking for a base to charge all of your devices at once, this is definitely it. You can’t go wrong with the Nomad Base Station. The clean and modern design paired with convenient wireless and wired (the extra USB ports) charging options make this product a no brainer and easy to recommend.

Although this product is not cheap by any means coming at 130$, the price is justified by the technology and craftmanship included. I believe that if you take care of this charger, it might last for way more than 5 years, outlasting any cheap alternatives and proving itself to be less expensive in the long term.

This is the perfect purchase for people that love high quality tech and Walnut wood like me. If you are not a sucker for the Walnut finish you can always opt for the Carbide color variant for 100$.

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