Keychron K1: Ultimate low profile wireless mechanical keyboard

Keychron K1 closeup

This review will focus on the Keychron K1, the thinnest low profile wireless mechanical keyboard under 100$. The K1 is perfect for productivity, gaming and any workflow.

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Keychron manufactures the K1 in two different variants: 87 key for 69$ and 104 key for 82$ (with number pad). After choosing this configuration you can then select either white backlight or RGB backlight, both come with an Aluminum body. You can choose either Red, Blue or Brown switches for each of the versions mentioned.

The switches are durable Gateron 48% low profile mechanical switches. This results in the keyboard being ultra slim and not making necessary the use of a wrist rest. Moreover, it can switch quickly between up to 3 devices as it has Bluetooth 5.1. In addition, Keychron ships the K1 with specific keycaps for both Windows & Mac, a USB Type C cable for charging and using it wired. They also include a key extractor and a few extra optional keycaps.

The K1 comes equipped with a 2000mAh rechargeable battery, half the size of the K2. This results in a heavy decrease of battery life, specially when using backlit: on average, the Keyboard can last 2-3 business days until it needs a recharge.

Aesthetics and Design of the Keychron K1

The minimalist aesthetic looks amazing when compared to many “gaming” oriented products that have tons of unnecessary bells and whistles. The low height of the K1 makes it more ergonomic than a regular size mechanical keyboard. Even the color palette of the keys themselves look clean, sporting a non obtrusive shades of grey. Even the fonts of the keys look modern.

The K1 low profile wireless gaming mechanical keyboard feels absolutely rock solid, its one of the best high quality keyboards I’ve come across. The aluminum body provides a feeling of rigidity and support, with no flex in the board when typing fast. My previous Microsoft membrane keyboard feels like it comes from the stone age: once you go mechanical, you never go back.

The RGB features are also great, I would recommend getting that instead of the white backlit, even if you aren’t a gamer. The RGB provides excitement to the mundane and boring task of writing.

Keychron K1 low profile mechanical keyboard with Macbook Pro
Picture courtesy of Keychron

Keychron K1 cons and flaws: Connectivity

People have complained about the Bluetooth connectivity, saying that its “atrocious”. The K1 seems to disconnect constantly for some, resulting in lag and some key strokes not registering or even duplicating. Although this issues seem to disappear when using the keyboard wired, it is a flaw to consider.

Overall, the Keychron K1 is a well built, minimal and modern wireless mechanical keyboard with a unique form factor. The low profile mechanical switches are great for gaming, productivity and anything in between. The K1 comes at a seriously appealing price point, making it a no brainer for many and a great first mechanical keyboard for many. The K1 is definitely the way to do gaming with a wireless keyboard.

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