Blvck Paris Wallet Review

blvck paris wallet review

In-depth review of the Blvck Paris Wallet, a gorgeous full sized Saffiano leather wallet that can fit all your cards. Features the iconic Blvck Paris brand logo and their all black aesthetic.

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This wallet can fit up to 8 cards comfortably, perfect for those that constantly carry a lot of cards and prefer to keep them organized, rather than storing two in one slot.

The brand’s iconic logo can be seen embossed on the back, which might be polarizing but for me it looks extremely premium.

Other than that, this wallet is sleek and minimal, featuring only a couple of logos which look good. The Saffiano leather has a clean pattern with diagonal lines, which is unobtrusive and luxurious.

blvck paris wallet review
Blvck Paris Wallet Review

Premium materials of the Blvck Paris Wallet

This wallet is made entirely out of premium Saffiano leather, making it able to compete with our luxury brand such as All Saints, Armani Exchange, etc. But this fold wallet comes at $90 USD, which is not cheap by any means for a wallet.

You certainly won’t be disappointed by the this wallet due to it’s outstanding design and quality. This wallet also comes with incredible packaging, something to keep in mind if you are getting it as a gift.

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