Best gaming keyboard under 50$: Redragon K552 Red LED

redragon k552 with red led

This review will focus on the Redragon K552, featuring red LED lights and mechanical switches for under 50$. Redragon makes the K552 in two different color variants in black and white. They are currently $35 and $39.99 respectively.

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Switches of the K552

The switches are Outemu Red, perfect for high paced games. The keyboard comes in a Tenkeyless 87 keys form, making it compact for any gaming setup, maximizing desk space. Keep in mind that the lack of a number pad will definitely affect productivity. The switches are loud and feel solid, I would not categorize them as cheap by any means.

The keycaps are made out of a thin plastic, which is noticeable when typing quickly. Redragon should make them a bit thicker to improve the build quality. Otherwise, everything looks and feels perfect.

Build quality of the Redragon K552 with red LED

Build quality on the K552 is great (considering the price point) due to the metal construction, making it sturdy and not prone to movement while gaming. The weight is neither too heavy or too light. The keyboard does not bend, its built like a tank and can sustain damages.

The red LED lights have a nice glow, creating a beautiful aesthetic whenever they are lit. Each key has its own LED and the light is noticeable even during the day. One downside is that the LED setting changes to default each time you restart your computer, making it annoying but nothing to worry about.

Picture courtesy of Redragon

Final thoughts on the Redragon K552 with red LED

The K552 provides insane value given the price point of 35$ and even less when in sale. And for 30$, this is a real mechanical keyboard that you can comfortably type and game with. The fact that the K552 has a quality red LED backlit for under 50$ is insane !

There is no real downside when I think about the K552. Sure, there could be a lot of things improved like the huge logo, wired keyboard, RGB and more. But for 30$ you can’t complain: the K552 has one of the best value propositions of any mechanical keyboard. For more information, check out Redragon’s website.

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