Best 24 inch monitor of 2018: 24MK600-B by LG

Best 24 inch monitor of 2018: 24MK600-B by LG

This article features one of the best 24 inch monitors from 2018, the LG 24MK600-B. This monitor comes under 150$ and provides great value given its price point.

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Main characteristics of the MK600-B

The MK600-B first debuted on December 2018, making it a serious contender for the budget 24 inch budget monitor sector. I was personally able to buy it in Europe for 99€ (110$) and was well worth it.


The monitor has a Full HD resolution of 1920×1080 at 24″ with small bezels on the sides (big bottom bezel). It also supports up to 75Hz (default is 60Hz). Picture quality looks good to my eyes after adjusting color settings and pumping up the brightness to 100%. Keep in mind that the factory color settings are awful. You will need to spend some time setting up color accuracy. Make sure to do this so your eyes don’t get sore like mine did during the first week of use.

LG included Radeon FreeSync with this monitor (no G Sync compatibility) and different picture modes. This includes a game mode which minimizes input lag, brightens colors, etc and a reading mode.

LG 24MK600-B monitor
Image courtesy of LG

Ports of the 24MK600 LG

IO for the MK600-B includes dual HDMI ports, VGA and audio in. Having two HDMI ports instead of one is really handy specially if you use a computer and a console. Inputs can be changed with ease, without rearranging cables and wasting time. You should consider that even though changing inputs manually is relatively quick, this monitor has no automatic input detection. Audio input matters as the 24MK600-B doesn’t come with integrated speakers. This is a big downside as there are two speaker looking spaces below the monitor.

Build Quality

Build quality is decent given the price point, everything is made out plastic, though it feels rigid and strong. The monitor stand has no height adjustment and can only barely tilt some degrees. I would advice using a VESA mount. The MK600-B monitor is VESA compatible at 75×75, so practically any monitor arm will work.

Final thoughts about the LG monitor 24MK600 B

All in all, this 24 inch monitor is perfect for a multimonitor setup on a budget due to its small bezels and VESA compatibility. Moreover, the price point is really great considering all of the features LG packed in the 24MK600. 75Hz, x2 HDMI, FreeSync and VESA mounting is hard to find for less than 150$. If you are looking for your first monitor or an upgrade, definitely consider checking out this monitor.

I have personally bought the this monitor for my personal setup and have no regrets. I just wished I got a monitor with QHD resolution. Although its release in 2018, the LG 24MK600-B is the best 24 inch monitor under 150$ you can get right now.

If you are looking for the 27 inch variant, keep in mind that a larger display with a Full HD resolution will not look crispy. You will notice pixels. If you are looking for more similarly priced monitors, check out our Best Top 5 Monitors for Gaming and Productivity.

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