Best 1080p gaming monitor under $150: ViewSonic VX2458

best monitor for gaming under 150$, the ViewSonic VX2458-C-MHD

This article will explore the currently best 1080P monitor gaming under $150, the ViewSonic VX2458-C-MHD. Featuring 144Hz, 1ms response time and FreeSync, this ViewSonic gaming monitor is the perfect companion to any budget battlestation.

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Characteristics of the best value gaming monitor for $150

Display: 24″ Full HD Curved

The ViewSonic VX2458-C-MHD sports a 24 inch 1920×1080 curved screen at 1800R to provide a more immersive gaming experience. Image quality and accuracy is good but its not astonishing.

The panel has a 144Hz refresh rate (via DP) with 1ms response time, perfect for quick action games like FPS. Keep in mind that ViewSonic does not include a DP cable. This article will explore the currently best 1080P monitor gaming under $150, the ViewSonic VX2458-C-MHD. If you have never tried a high refresh rate screen, the difference is like night and day. Resulting in more kills and far more enjoyable gameplay.

This is possible thanks to AMD FreeSync support to provide more smooth framerates. The downside of the VX2458-C-MHD is that it doesn’t include G-Sync support.

Moreover, ViewSonic included with this monitor a set of customizable modes specifically made for FPS, MOBA and many more game types. I have never used these as I didn’t feel the need to change the default settings.

Best 1080p monitor for gaming under $150: the ViewSonic VX2458-C-MHD.
Picture courtesy of Gadget-Rausch

Ports of the ViewSonic VX2458-C-MHD

IO for this monitor includes VGA, one HDMI, DisplayPort and audio in. Although this is a decent selection of ports at $150, I would have liked to see at least two HDMI ports. At least you are somewhat futureproof if you are connecting it to an older device due to DP.

Build quality of the 150$ gaming monitor

The VX2458-C-MHD is made out of plastic but the stand looks and feels premium which is my only priority. At 150$, you can’t expect a metal monitor. But even if you feel like the stand is poorly made, you can mount it using a VESA stand.

ViewSonic also included integrated stereo speakers for this monitor. They sound decent and remove the necessity of buying a dedicated pair, don’t expect them to sound amazing. I hope more speakers include them in the future.

The best 1080p monitor for gaming under $150 at the moment

I have spent countless hours looking for better deals on Amazon for a monitor that has 144Hz and 1ms for under 150$. This has been the only option I found. Of course there are other alternatives to ViewSonic but none of them had +1400 reviews on Amazon.

All in all, I truly believe that if you are looking to get the best value out of a 1080p gaming monitor for under 150$, the ViewSonic VX2458-C-MHD is the perfect option. As of January 2021, this monitor is priced at 149.99$ so get it while supplies last !

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