Black Paris Cardholder Review

black paris cardholder review

In depth review of the Black Paris Cardholder, a sleek wallet for your essentials made out of luxurious leather. Features Blvck‘s distinctive logo and of course, it’s notorious black aesthetic.

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The Blvck Classic Card holder can fit only up to 4 cards, although you can fit more in one single space, at the cost of reachability. The brightside of only 4 slots is that you’ll get a sleek look which my friends have definitely noticed.

The iconic BLVCK logo is embossed across the front, creating a stunning, yet minimal aesthetic that pairs extremely well with AMEX cards.

Another key feature is the slightly angled design of the card slots, which make it extremely easy to remove and place cards. This is something I have struggled with when using cheaper cardholders as they are less flexible and don’t offer enough card to hold on to.

black paris cardholder review
Picture courtesy of @mvxx.wvl on Instagram

Premium Materials of the Blvck Paris Cardholder

Made out of 100% Saffiano leather, this card holder can certainly compete with our big name brands. But the luxurious leather comes at a steep cost: $60 (without shipping), which is at the level of other brands like Armani, All Saints, SuperDry and many more.

I believe that you won’t be disappointed with the materials of this wallet, given the price point. Leather quality is great and improving upon it would likely lead to an excessive price tags, like the infamous ones from Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Burberry, etc.

This wallet also comes with incredible packaging, something to keep in mind if you are getting it as a gift.

Black Paris Cardholder TLDR:

You will certainly not be disapointed with the Black Paris Cardholder due to its high quality and gorgeous design, but be prepared for the premium price notch, which is suitable given the value this leather accessory provides.

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